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        1. Smart Senders Rely on PowerMTA

          PowerMTA is an enterprise-grade email message transfer agent (MTA) for sending high-volume and mission critical messages. PowerMTA provides unsurpassed reliability in message delivery in a stable SMTP environment with granular connection controls. Superior message throughput, simple set up and real-time analysis provide PowerMTA users with performance, deliverability, and manageability with a much smaller hardware footprint than is possible with either open source options or other commercial solutions. It just works!

          PowerMTA? has provided Sailthru with a rock solid application that we can push to the limits—and we never have to worry about missing a beat.

          Ken Pfeiffer
          Director of Global Delivery

          Learn how one of the most highly regarded Email Service Providers in the industry is scaling reliably with PowerMTA.

          Discover how Sailthru deploys hundreds of millions of personalized emails every day using PowerMTA.

          See how Emma uses PowerMTA to scale mail volumes efficiently with a minimal investment and clears a path to rapid growth.

          The pricing made sense, because PowerMTA?’s feature set met our needs without including a lot of extras that we wouldn’t be using.

          Marc Powell
          Infrastructure Lead, Emma

          Learn the benefits of VirtualMTA, a PMTA software component that consolidates MTAs, creating an easy-to-manage solution that also rapidly reduces costs.

          Encryption is a key component to any email or software integration sharing data. This paper covers different encryption methods for both inbound and outbound connections for PowerMTA.

          Explore the benefits of a hybrid solution by moving portions of email infrastructure to the cloud to cut down on costly equipment and unnecessary overhead.

          Email reputation rules all, and a good IP reputation must be earned by an ISP to ensure optimal deliverability to the inbox.

          Learn about the insights PowerMTA reporting can provide before and during mailings to drastically improve delivery and other bottom line figures.

          Maximize Email Performance with Signals for PowerMTA

          SparkPost Signals for PowerMTA is an email analytics suite that gives you early warning so that you can fix and prevent email issues before they affect your business. Signals' unmatched data footprint analyzes data from your own email sending to give you actionable insights. Our predictive analytics automatically monitor ISP responses, engagement recency of your recipients, bounces and spam traps, in real-time. Get the power of advanced data science—without the need for additional, expensive resources, hardware,
          or heavy data computation challenges.

          SparkPost Signals interface illustration

          Worldwide Installations

          PowerMTA’s global footprint covers every region of the world from across North America and Europe to Asia and the Middle East and includes many types of businesses for whom email really matters. Additionally, most of the world’s leading Email Service Providers such as MailChimp, Sailthru, Campaigner and countless others trust PowerMTA to send enormous volumes of mission critical email.

          Intelligent Email Infrastructure

          Our infrastructure handles core tasks with greater efficiency, intelligence and control than general-purpose open-source MTAs as well as commercial alternatives. PowerMTA can also efficiently handle inbound feedback loops and out of band bounce messages. It also easily integrates with a huge variety of CRM solutions such as Salesforce, Interspire, and Freshworks.

          IP Rate Limiting

          PowerMTA supports IP based rate limiting which is designed to give delivery engineers/admins additional control and allows for throttling the number of attempted recipients on a per-hour, per-minute, and per-second basis separately for each IP address and for each domain/VirtualMTA.

          MX Rollup

          Configuring grouping of domains based on the MX information in DNS is simple and easy in PowerMTA. By automating the MX grouping tasks, PowerMTA has eliminated the need for manual maintenance in keeping track of changes to MX information in DNS.

          International Email Delivery Support

          PowerMTA fully supports the latest standards in delivering email to recipients with internationalized addresses without the need for any additional configuration.

          Authentication Standards Support

          PowerMTA supports the latest versions of email authentication standards DKIM, SPF, DANE. PowerMTA supports the use of TLS 1.2 for delivering email over encrypted channels. PowerMTA will soon support ARC, MTA-STS and TLS 1.3.

          Management Console

          We also offer the PowerMTA Management Console, a sleek, web based software solution that allows for the centralized configuration, monitoring and reporting of one or more than one PowerMTA installation. The PowerMTA console allows for enhanced reporting, including IP-based reporting, saved reports, configurable session timeouts and advanced reporting filters (including sets and regular expressions).

          PowerMTA has provided Sailthru with a rock solid application that we can push to the limits—and we never have to worry about missing a beat.

          No false promises.
          No over-hype.
          PowerMTA just works.

          PowerMTA is the leading email gateway application (SMTP server) because it allows you to easily adopt the latest authentication specifications for sending high volume emails and to comply with ever-changing authentication policies. Whether you are looking for responsible, high-volume outbound email delivery, or as a core component for your technology stack, PowerMTA just delivers.

          Real-Time Delivery Modifications

          PowerMTA provides real-time monitoring of your sender reputation through SMTP responses received from ISPs. This monitoring produces immediate notification of delivery issues and the ability to stop and adjust delivery settings based on SMTP response patterns.

          Flexible Reporting

          Our extensive tracking and reporting features provide detailed analysis for each VirtualMTA, including customizable bounce categorization and reporting. We are continuously improving our monitoring and reporting tools including: web, XML and JSON-based reporting and delivery monitoring, pre-configured performance reports, advanced bounce analysis and real-time campaign tracking, and a command-line query and reporting tool.

          Greater Performance, Fewer Servers

          Some MTAs max out at frustratingly low send-rates. When you’ve reached a point where your existing MTA can no longer handle your throughput, instead of adding more servers, PowerMTA helps you deliver greater performance on fewer servers.

          Better Sending Practices

          The better your sending practices the better your “Inbox” results. PowerMTA provides the deliverability features required for bulk email senders to follow best email sending practices.

          The Business Case

          PowerMTA is competitively priced and provides annual licenses inclusive of upgrades and expert support included, so you know your business is in capable hands. PowerMTA allows you to increase your revenue by rapidly scaling your sending, while controlling your hardware and staffing costs. Staying in your own fire-walled environment means you can feel comfortable knowing that your data remains in your internally managed systems.

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