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        1. The SparkPost Email Intelligence Platform

          Deliver Better Results

          The SparkPost Email Delivery Platform is built to help your business deliver more value. It has a wide variety of features to choose from. Powerful real-time analysis of your email delivery and customer engagement as well as personalized email templates. You can also pick from any of the numerous APIs to integrate into your communication. With SparkPost, you have everything you need to power your business for greater growth.

          SparkPost Platform Impact

          SparkPost Signals - Prediction, Data, Analytics

          Delays in detection of email delivery problems can lead to serious losses. You can experience loss of customers, prospects, and even lost revenue and market share. Our predictive and actionable analytics automatically monitors ISP responses, bounces, and spam traps in real-time. These insightful recommendations allow you to address these kinds of issues before they become serious problems and impact your business.

          SparkPost Signals interface illustration

          Deliver Greater Scale and Throughput

          For a growing business, the leap from thousands of emails a day to millions can be challenging. SparkPost helps you optimize your messaging service to ensure it maintains quality, delivers meaningful impact, and produces measurable outcomes.

          Deliver Tighter Security and Privacy

          Reliable delivery is just as important as privacy. SparkPost Signals is designed to keep your communication secure to ensure safety and protection from vicious phishing attacks that can severely damage your business and your reputation.

          Deliver Flexibility for the Future

          Whatever kind of business you are in and whatever size your organization may be, SparkPost has a plan that will suit your communication strategy, your needs and your budget.

          Regulations and Compliance

          Meeting email compliance and regulations can seem limiting, but we can help make adherence into an opportunity to improve your results. For example, turning mandatory unsubscribe links into an opportunity to learn more about customers that results in an improved experience that builds trust.

          Delivering More Value for More Companies

          SparkPost is the world’s #1 Email Intelligence Platform, sending 37% of the world’s B2C and B2B email. Read why some of the world's largest senders trust SparkPost.

          "SparkPost Signals gives us a holistic view of our campaigns across all our brands. Visibility into our deliverability health score means we don’t miss critical changes in performance and can quickly take action when issues arise."

          Built on a World-Class Foundation

          What sets SparkPost apart from other email service providers are its global standards of efficiency, reliability and flexibility that push continuous innovation.


          Better Deliverability

          Email delivery services are only effective if they reach the intended recipients. SparkPost Signals helps you navigate high rejection rates, ISP bounces and spam traps so you can be certain that when you send your emails, they reach their final destination for sure.

          API for Easy Integration

          App notifications can make all the difference between being noticed and losing valuable customers. So we make it easy to embed email into your app, website or products. So you deliver great front-end solutions, while minimizing your pain points.

          Superior Reliability

          Whether you’re sending hundreds of emails everyday or billions, enjoy the world-class efficiency and reliability that your business deserves.

          Greater Personalization

          Every customer, every business is unique. How you speak to each one should ideally speak differently. SparkPost can help you personalize your messages so they don’t remain unopened or trashed immediately.

          PowerMTA and Momentum

          If you prefer an on-premises email solution, we offer PowerMTA which can deliver the same speed, flexibility, and volume of emails you need to send. You can optimize your email delivery by addressing hardware and network bottlenecks, spreading traffic through multiple IP addresses to minimize message queues, accessing real-time analysis to ensure reliable performance and delivery of your communication. We also actively develop and support our Momentum product, on which the SparkPost cloud service was built.

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