Deliverability Matters

Almost 20% of permission-based emails, on average, never reach consumers’ inboxes because they are filtered as spam/junk. This translates into huge missed revenue opportunities for email marketers.

Precision Matters

Even a 1% drop in deliverability can greatly impact your bottom line. eDataSource’s multi-level monitoring solution is the most precise technology on the market.

Inbox Tracker, Cloudmark® Edition is the most comprehensive deliverability suite on the market.

Track your email program performance across all of these key deliverability areas:

  • Inbox Placement
  • Deliverability by ISP, Domain, and Campaign
  • Inactive Subscriber Rates
  • Average Time to Receive by Domain & ISP
  • Detailed Cloudmark® Insights
  • Recent Campaigns with Engagement & Subscriber Metrics
  • Outlook SNDS Deliverability
  • Complaint, Blacklist, and Trap Monitors
  • DKIM & SPF Monitor

Inbox Tracker features an array of comprehensive, included enhancements, expertly suited to meet your email program needs.

Enhanced Features

Reputation Advisor

Automates 100+ key system & infrastructure checks in
5 main areas, alerting you of any underlying issues to
ensure maximum inbox placement.

Subject Line Advisor & Subject Line Predict

Helps you understand the emotional profile of your
audience, improvevsubject lines on the fly, and make
data-driven improvements tovyour copy.

Design Tracker

Allows you to preview mailings and see how they render
and function across a broad selection of desktop, webbased
or mobile email clients.

Analytics Tracker

Shows you where your subscribers are opening your
message, how long they’re engaging, and even lets you
export data by email address.

Brand Protection

Helps you easily identify and approve authorized
senders and set up policies to block malicious
cybercriminals from impersonating your brand.

“Inbox Tracker, Cloudmark® Edition is a game changer; an unparalleled advantage for those who use it.”